With all the avenues to monitor present events in your area in the connected society of this age, few methods perform better than what’s obtainable with a police scanner when it comes to instant information. There is a good possibility that majority of these events would never come to the fore or be the leading story when it’s time for the evening news, however, the best police scanner could assist you in staying updated on the newest happenings. In addition to that, the first-hand knowledge of road conditions and the present weather and there are a lot of advantages associated with possessing this still viable technology piece. Before you get one, you may want to be certain that the location you plan on making use of the police scanner does not have encrypted radios (or else you could be serenaded with some silence).

Uniden BC75XLT

Featuring the capability to link to military aircraft, racing scanner channels, and public safety, Uniden’s BC75XLT is an awesome choice for fans of the analog scanner. The built-in search feature is unrivalled and swiftly locates channels for air, fire, police, weather, marine, and more, thus making the BC125AT a very much handy analog scanner. The ability to store up to 300 channels into the memory of the scanner or 30 channels overall in 10 different banks promotes easy scanning for present transmissions on each saved channel.


Whistler TRX-1

Feature an easy zip code programming that has pre-loaded Canada and USA options, Whistler’s TRX-1 is setting the pace on how the best police scanner should function. With a dedicated weather and SKYWARN button, and the capability to listen to the duo of Digital Phase I as well as Phase II channels, this scanner is rich in features and rearing to go. The completely backlit alphanumeric keyboard is made up of easy-to-use options like pause, scan, pause, and complete navigational controls.

The TRX-1 would pick up all FM, digital and AM frequencies, and capture analog signals as well in a bid to cover the complete spread of unencrypted communications with which police stay in touch.

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