The Masonic Moroni is a highly respected and valued community over the entire web, where precious information is gathered together, information about freemasonry and Mormons. The aim of this extraordinary society is to collect in the same place as much information and data as possible, regarding the freemasonry processes.

Freemasonry Hierarchy

In order to keep up running a consistent system inside The Masonic Moroni community, a clear and undisputed hierarchy is thought to be implemented. The three levels of the members are guilds, fellow and master mason.

Depending on your intelligence level and the skills that you may possess to perform a spell or a sorcery, your status can be upgraded or downgraded.

As known by the entire world, the basic organization unit of a masonic formation is the lodge. Inside a lodge there are usually 4 to 5 masons, from which one is the ruler of it. The next level is represented by a grand lodge. Inside this grand lodges, multiple lodges are gathered together and there are discussed various information, some of them worth mentioning would be important financial worldwide issues and spiritual and conceptual metadata, that can illuminate and open the eyes of the younger members and adepts.

The usual activities enterprise by a lodge are just organizational events and bills payments. At least, this is what they want us to know. Many voices rumor about performing strange and very powerful spells that may kill the person on who it is performed, if he is not well prepared for it.

From the rituals point of view, all of them are performed only when a member of the lodge is promoted inside the community.

Mormons and their History

As a related group to the Latter Day Saint movement, Mormons have always been considered to be a religious and cultural group, who’s targets are to praise and pay respect to Jesus Christ under strange forms.

Even though it is hard to believe that unlimited power can come from religious operas, this is not what the mormonic community thinks. They sustain that due to their advanced researches, important information is held inside the very own structure of the work of great artists, data that can be only understand by transcending the religious barriers and by comprehending the very own nature of the represented image.

Leonardo da Vinci is considered to be their most significant figure. Its ability to overwhelm the physical boundaries and his high intelligence level has boosted him to the top of this community. Highly important mysteries were deciphered from various artists and his contribution to the worldwide culture is considered to be for a huge value.

From the point of view of their adepts, the total population that joined the Mormonism movement is considered to be around 15 million persons. The small number of their people is considered to be granted due to the black people restriction of adhering to a culture, back in the 1950s. Nowadays, is continuously promoting their interests and black people are especially encouraged to join their community, as variety of ideas is pursued to be gained.