Support or suspension clamps happen to be accessories for every ADSS (dielectric self-supporting cable) employed for floating round optical fiber cable. As reported by, these accessories for optical fiber cable could be installed on small distances at transitional poles.

ADSS suspension clamp happens to be really easy in the optical fiber line installation as well as adequate mechanical resistance.

They could be archived by tightening nut till one gets to the required strength or adjusting under the cable weight. Neoprene strap or insert don’t let the optical cable slip off the suspension fitting. ADSS cables might vary in sizes, but the fiber optical cable path has to be straight with angles of around 25.

The ADSS suspension clamps are derived from:

  • Nylon UV-radiation frost or Neoprene, heat resistant plastic
  • Galvanized steel

The steel aspects of ADSS clamp supports the connection of optical cable suspension fittings to the pole, with closed or opened attachment of pigtails brackets or hooks. Hooks, strapping, and brackets are available either together as an assembly with suspension clamp or separately.

All the assemblies scaled through the operation experience with temperatures of between –60 °C and +60 °C test, tensile tests, aging test, corrosion resistance, and temperature cycling test etc.

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