Posting your first ever video on YouTube could be very exciting and that joy could quickly be replaced with sadness especially when you find out your video has a very little number of views. Getting noticed is quite easy especially with YouTube, but you will need to get a lot of views to get properly noticed, and a nice way of getting well noticed is to buy a million views on YouTube. And with the thousands of videos that are being uploaded to YouTube every day, you will really need to start working on it quickly.

You always begin by making a video with a very high quality. It could be a video that contains a lot of relevant and important information, or it could be funny, or an unlikely situation that could never happen. Whatever it is, it should be interesting and captivating to the audience

Having a high-quality video isn’t everything, you will also need to have a fascinating description; not forgetting the target keywords for an easier access during a search. This is also the same for choosing titles, it has to be interesting to make them want to view your post.

You also need to put one thing in consideration, YouTube is just one of the various social media platforms. There are several social media out there that you could use to generate more views. Facebook is also one of the most widely used social media networks available.

To generate views, you can easily post links of your videos on your profile, or on the profile of your friends, or even strangers who you have never met. You could message it to them or make a note. There are a many ways to get YouTube views – from your own account on Facebook.

Whatever makes you post videos on YouTube, besides having to buy a million views on YouTube, you need to know the other ways to get YouTube views to you can successfully gain views and subscribers.

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