There are digital frames that come in a wide range of shapes and sizes; small or large.Unless you have a particular reason for choosing a small digital frame, then it would benefit you more if you decide to choose a large digital picture frame due to the following reasons.

Bigger is WAY Bigger!

Large picture frames are measured corner to corner like TVs and PC screens.To do this, take a square shaped piece of paper, if you have one that is twice as long and you measure from corner to corner,what is your surface area presently? Assuming it has a square shape, then you have really quadrupled your surface area, instead of just multiplying it.The same rule applies to digital picture frames. The larger it is, the more screen space you get. For example, a 15” screen is actually more than double the size of a 7.5” screen.

Bigger is Better!

Most people purchase digital picture frames because they want it to be visible, so why not get a larger digital frame instead? A large digital frame can hardly be missed as it can be seen effectively from over a room much easier than smaller digital frames. For the sake of visibility, larger digital frames definitely have a greater advantage over smaller ones.

Easier to See!

As people grow older, their visual perception actually has a tendency to get weaker. Large digital frames can be seen by these people with poor vision. Digital frames are a wonderful present for grandparents, since they can simply get more photos of their grandchildren, so if you are planning on getting a digital frame as a present, you need to purchase a large one to ensure that it can be seen easily instead of getting a small frame where they would need to stand and squint every time just to see a picture.

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