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In order to contact The Masonic Moroni community you can pursue a various list of opportunities. Websites, mobile applications and newsletters are available to be obtained by any person interested in joining this state of the art community.

Even though it is quite difficult to effectively reach them and get to talk with a member of this society, their results and news are highly liked by the online community and public audience, as for the high intellectual level transposed into them.

Online Pages and Official Website

The official website of The Masonic Moroni community is www.masonicmoroni.com. Known worldwide, this site has gathered the interest of many web surfers due to the high amount of conspiracy information available on it and due to the very simple and clear explication of them.

Rumors are surrounding the Internet about the legacy and trustiness of these information, but in the end, this is what modern people like to read. News that put their mind on work and which light a fire of idea inside their brainwashed heads.

With a visitor’s rate of more than 100,000 persons each month, it is no wonder why they afford such a complex selection program. Many people are interested in joining their community and thus, they afford to select only the most prepared and intelligent ones from them. The privacy level and the capability of keeping a secret during the entire lifetime are key factors that contribute in the selection process of a candidate.

Newsletter Opportunity

Another way to stay in touch with the latest updates and news posted by The Masonic Moroni community is to subscribe to their official newsletter. In this way, you will receive weekly emails about the events and actions planned by them and after reading them, you can enter to their official platform www.masonicmoroni.com and share your ideas and thoughts with the worldwide community.

In order to subscribe to their newsletter, you may either write your email address in the designated area and click the submit button, or you can write your home address and let the mailman come each week with the official magazine of the society.

If you select the online option, you are required to check your mail and hit the provided link in order to verify that you are the legitimate owner of the email address. This process is done due to the various hacker attacks that other societies are performing on their platform to gain control upon it.

Website’s Mobile Version

Due to the breakthrough advances made in the technology industry, more and more people are giving away the classic website news reading and choose to stay updated with the most recent events via their mobile phone, while they are on their way to work or stacked in the city traffic.

To download the Masonic Moroni mobile application, you just need to go to your local application store, search for it and get it free. You can find at:

  • iOS – App Store
  • Android – Google Play
  • Windows Phone – Windows Store

The downloading and installation process are free to be made and no credentials are required and no login form is to be made. Effectively, any person may use the application and anyone can find out about the cutting-edge information shared by this awesome society.