Thankfully nature has given birth to a chemical that roaches cannot build any resistant to. Boric acid can best be described as a naturally occurring product that could be produced from borax in large quantities. Boric acid is highly effective and efficient as the best roach poison in eliminating little insects like cockroaches. Therefore the game plan to get rid of the roaches that are invading your house is a three-way process. The first is to have the house cleaned. Ensure that there is no food particle left for cockroaches to feast on meaning there should be no dirty dishes in the sink. Secondly, roaches cannot survive without water, therefore, make sure there is no standing water anywhere. Ensure that all the pipes are insulated and also have no leaks. Lastly, use boric acid powder.

You can utilise boric acid by laying down a small layer of it that is slightly perceptible to the human eye. In a bid to achieve this you can get a made bellows to make it easy or use the bottle that the boric acid powder came in.

Cockroaches always like to be within small distance to their food, therefore, their habitat is normally seen within 5 feet of any source of nutrition and water. If you have seen some around a particular area there is definitely a harborage that they make use of nearby. Roaches do meet and they do leave clues for other cockroaches on where they can find food. You have a severe infestation on your hands if you start to see cockroaches in the day and you have not treated yet.

Locations to begin treatment with the best roach poison are crevices and cracks where the wall and cupboards meet. Those should be sealed with caulk or silicon. They could be utilising the space in the wall in the event that you have pipes that pass through the wall. You can fill those spaces via expandable canned foam. Check underneath and behind the refrigerator. Place powder behind permanently installed appliances like your trash compactors and dishwasher.

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