Due to the fact that the freemasonry or masonry is considered to be a taboo subject, there are not many people who know exactly what it does or what the masons believe. So, we have to approach the subject right from the explanation of the term. Let’s see where it takes.

Freemasonry is one of the oldest organizations of our world. In fact, the term means something different for everybody who joins the organization due to their liberty and comprehension. As an example, there are people who join the Masonic Moroni Community just with the purpose of making new friends or living another experience, while there are people who see the participation as an enjoyable and pleasant hobby. We have to notice that the freemasonry is a non-political and non-religious organization, but a fraternal and a charitable one.

History of organization

This ‘secret’ community is said to be the right heiress of the Knights Templar, so it’s clear that it has a long history, but with many shortages. There are many rumors which say that they have some rituals similar to the ones given by God at the Solomon Temple. Others say that there should have been three phases. First of them is said to be the emergence of the organized lodges in the Middle Age, the second the admission of members as masons and the third one is considered to be the evolution of the society and the decision that the Grand Lodge to govern them.

The first proves of the freemasonry existence are dating from between 1390 and 1425, saying that the masonry appeared in Egypt and had developed in England during the reign of Athelstan. As I already said, the first rituals of them are considered to be the ones from the Solomon Temple.

The status of women

As the organization has its roots in the early history, the women’s status in community is uncertain. It is known the fact that a widow could continue the work of her husband. During the 1720s, the women’s right to be in the community was completely erased, and the organization had become a men society. Maria Deraismes is an important name in ‘freemasonry and women’ chapter due to her courage to fight for the acceptance in the organization in 1882. Of course, she was refused by everybody but Georges Martin. Together, they made a mixed community which had also rituals and beliefs.

Things you don’t know about masonry

One of them is that when the masons meet, they definitely don’t speak about politics or religious subjects. The fact is confirmed by one of the members.

  • The freemasonry has nothing in common with a religion; it has no priests, no rabbis, everybody thinks what he wants.
  • The masons won’t welcome an atheist, due to the fact that this is an organization of believers.
  • The freemasonry is condemned by the Catholic Church, even since the 1738s.


There are many U.S presidents who were members of the Freemasonry, such as:  George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Gerald Ford etc.

Degrees in freemasonry

There are three degrees which you can achieve as an initiate in organization: entered apprentice, fellow craft and master mason.

The Masonic Moroni Community just carries on the freemasonry tradition and simply keeps the members united and believers. Nowadays, there are not so many communities which help people to stay believers and by finding one which does this thing is making from it the best of them. Enjoy the experience of being part of it!