Due to the fact that various people have shown interest about this community, they chose to share some of their answers to the public audience questions, in order to eliminate any incertitude.

Q: How can I join The Masonic Moroni community?

A: Hello and welcome! In order to join The Masonic Moroni community you are required to complete and submit the form available on the www.masonicmoroni.com website. The completion of this form includes even the answers to the online available intelligence test.

Try to provide your best answers to it, as the questions were created in such a way in which to reflect the personal view of the candidate upon life and to reflect his level of knowledge about various cultural and social concepts.

This form represents a major factor to be considered in the acceptance of your profile to the final examination. As stated, other secretly aspects are analyzed, aspects that cannot be revealed publicly.

Also, the final try is preferred to be kept secretly in order to preserve the initial ideas and principles that stood at the base of its conception. More importantly, if this exam would be publicly expressed, each year a new subject may be created, and this aspect is far too insignificant in order to be made.

Q: Is it true that you are performing rituals and spells inside the community’s meetings?

A: Even by remotely asking this question, I can say that your intelligence level is way under the worldwide media. Rituals and spells are process that it was thought to be performed by ancient civilizations, which worshipped Gods, in order to provide them power and well-being.

Nowadays, the concepts and principles that stand at the base of the modern society are way too different to even be remotely connected with the ancient ones. Thus, no spells and rituals are performed inside the community and the integrity of our members is perfectly kept safe, due to their high rank and position in the worldwide order.

Forget about the online rumors that travel across the online community and start thinking with your mind, as you need to get to learn to have confidence in your own powers, not the other’s ideas and lies.