This list is made up of the best drone under $100 designed by Holy Stone. These quadcopters possessan awesome set of features under the $100 price tag in 2017. Let’s take a well-detailed look at them

Holy Stone U818A plus HD FPV Camera under $100

This is a new quadcopter made by Holy Stone. It is characterized by the dedicated key for return to home performance. When the sight of your quadcopter is lost then it’s a life saver.This works on 2.4 GHz wireless frequency as well just like what is obtainable with the other drones. Note that this product doesn’t have FPV feature meaning the video will be recorded directly on the memory card. It possesses 6-axis gyroscope for more stable flight experience.

There might be a specific offer ongoing for this quadcopter. Holy Stone sometimesprovides you with one one extra battery, four AA rechargeable cells for the controller (for details do visit their site) and one extra fast charger. It hasan expandable memory as well and 4 GB Micro-SD card is contained in the box.

Holy Stone F181 – Camera Drone Under $100

Another quadcopter with all the awesome features under 100 dollar price tag (with HD camera). This is never a mini drone, it is just ideal in size. This quad has four 360 flips stunts modes meaning it’s able to flip backward, forward, right, leftin midair. Therefore you can roll this quad to get some attention from any direction. It can rotate ceaselessly on its own axis. It possesses the headless mode for an awesome flying experience. Its controller has a mini LCD display for every critical information (Battery, Signal Strength,etc.).

The flight time of 9 minutes is very good also. It is accompanied by every basic needed accessory and it doesn’t require FAA registration. Be ready to fly immediately after unboxing. It’s a product well priced as the best drone under $100, ensure you get one.

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