Nearshoring is a rising trend among organisations that would like to cut costs, but do not want to navigate through the language, time zone, and cultural differences that are obtainable with offshoring. A lot of Eastern European nations, including nearshore Romania, represent an awesome alternative as far as experience and technical skills is concerned and they have the added benefit of being lower-priced than the majority of the Western European countries though it’s not as inexpensive as India. But, Romania et al are pretty much closer to the Western nations thereby promoting easier real-time collaboration and quick travel. Moreover, individuals over there speak fluent English and share a European culture that is popular.

There are other benefits associated with selecting a Romanian nearshore software development establishment. The following are the seven most important ones:

  1. Geographic position

The distance that separates Romania from Western Europe is quite small – just a flight of two and a half hours is required from London and even less than that from Eindhoven. However, the biggest benefit lies with the small difference that’s obtainable in time zones. The majority of the Western and Central and Western European nations are at an hour distance when it comes to time zones. Portugal, Iceland and the UK are the only nations separated by a 2-hour difference and it’s manageable.

  1. Excellent language skills

Romanians possess great language skills. Three-quarter of the individuals under 40 living in Bucharest fluently speak English as their second language, however, the statistic could easily stretch to all Romania’s urban areas. But what’s more important is that those who speak it, speak it well, without any accent that could prevent comprehension.

  1. Great talent pool

The experience and IT skills level found in Romanian software organisations matches that which is obtainable with the West. As all former communist bloc nations, nearshore Romania previously had and continues to possess an educational system with a focus on exact sciences and engineering. Therefore, when nearshoring to Romania, Western nations are certain that their projects would be done with the highest level of professionalism Irrespective of how complex they are.

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