If you had $50 to spend on anything, what would you get? You would definitely decide not to spend it on something worthless if it was a present from someone dear to you, so here are my top picks of awesome stuff you can purchase under $50.

Bluetooth Headsets

These Bluetooth headsets are designed to give you excellent sound quality and offer incredible noise-cancelling features. They are lightweight, trendy to use and also come equipped with several controls and a microphone but its greatest feature is its excellent comfort!

Wine Bottle Holder

With this cool device, you can serve your favorite wine so much better. Its smooth design is absolutely hypnotizing! And you don’t need to stress over breakage due to its sturdy aluminum holder and counterweight bottle design. It can be used on most standard bottles and it’s such an exceptional and cool device.

Chuck Taylor Shoes

These are one of the oldest, most popular shoes of all time. They have a simple design with canvas material and rubber soles. These fashionable shoes can be worn at all sorts of events and a favorite shoe for people of every age all around the world. They are also incredibly comfortable.

Smartphone Mount/Stand

This smartphone stand will be your new most loved item as you can position your smartphone in so many ways and each position holds your device at the perfect angle for easy viewing. It can be mounted onto your air vent and can be rotated to your preferred position as you securely drive and use maps, music or even receive a no-hands call. You can also use this cool device with any credit or membership card to make it an ideal stand on any flat surface.

Folding Book Light

This incredible tool makes this list of awesome stuff for being such a clever idea as it’s such a stylish tool to have, the wooden folding book light can be opened to cast a nice and clear light to create a 360-degree lamp which is just perfect for night-time reading or camping. It is also environmentally friendly and rechargeable.

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