A symbol is used to represent an idea by using graphical images. The masonic symbols are said to have a second meaning, more religious than the first one. In the past, the freemasons used some signs of recognitions their ones from the non-masons such as handshakes, hand gestures and passwords.

The square and the compasses

This symbol is about a square and a set of compasses put together and it is considered to be the most representative symbol of freemasonry organization. They are both used in rituals as emblems of the tools and as symbols of lessons. The members explain the symbol by saying that the square represents the square of the values and this is where they have to action and that the compasses are used to circumscribe their passions and desires.

Masonic Altar

The Masonic Altar is known by the masons to be their place of communion with God. In the ancient times, the Masonic Altar was used even for sacrifice, not only with the purpose of our days.

The letter G

This letter was called Gheemel or Gimel in the originally language of our Bible and it fulfill the numeric value of 3.  The freemasons affirmed that along the history they saw the signs of the number 3 when they spoke to God, and also that the letter G has meaning in two terms: Geometry and God.

Masonic Eye

It is not hard to recognize that when we speak about the Masonic Eye it really means the Eye of God. It is also a valuable symbol of the freemasonry and it represents the continued presence of God in their life, because God has no beginning and no end due to the fact that he is always with an eye on them to assure the perfection of things.

Masonic Star

This symbol is a remember of the time when God made two tablets of stone which contained the 10 statements to be respected by his faithful servants. The freemasons say that the Masonic Star is one of the most important symbols of their organization.

As a conclusion, there are many symbols and we may not know something about all of them, but one fact is sure: their explanations of the symbols are in the name of God. So even if the Masonic Moroni Community is not a religious organization the beliefs of its members are connected with the spiritual part of our life.