Available Information and Community

The restricted level of available information to the be shared with the public has gathered the attention of the web community. Many users have tried to infiltrate into their system and get data to be lately made public on the Internet, but all of them failed due to the excessively high security protection.

It is said that the persons which will have access to this information will gain a completely different view of the world and will gain, eventually, enough power to change everything in the world. It is for no reason said that the actual rulers of the world are the masons from the entire planet, masons that have their identity kept secret organize the world economy and reign from the darkness.

Due to the high admittance of a person inside their community, the limited numbers of their members is considered to have the highest value possible. The Masonic Moroni community is worldwide respected and respect is paid in very strange ways by all the persons familiar with these concepts.

A very popular word spread over the Internet is the produce of intellectual spells inside the community. Different kinds of spells and sorceries are thought to be made within the community and the members performing them are known to gain unlimited power and deep knowledges. Sacrifices of various kinds are also thought to be performed, in order to pay respect to their protecting Gods and to offer them continuously power and knowledge.

Selection Program

Rigorous selection programs have been created in order to assure the community’s existence over the years. Young and intelligent adepts are gathered to join their society and only the most prepared, serious and perseverant persons are selected in order to sustain the ultimate survival test.

For submitting to their selection list, you are required to complete the form available on www.masonicmoroni.com website and to complete the intelligence test within. Be sure to provide competitive answers and give the best out of you, as your results are considered to be the major selection factor.

After the evaluation period has ended, you will receive and official answer on your private email address, about wheatear you were selected or not to participate to the final exam. In case you passed the first test, you are forbidden to share the email content on the Internet. If you do so, you will be instantly disqualified from the selection program, as privacy is pursued as a major factor in the final exam abilities.

The final test is yet unknown to mankind, as the persons that have passed it automatically joined their community and they are trained to keep all information secret, and the persons who failed it are so high traumatized because of it, that they consider not talking about it the perfect way in order to forget all the things happened there.


Nigeria Education News – Examining the History of Freemasonry

An issue that is somewhat similar to be tagged as the latest Nigeria Education news, is the event where the.Chief of army staff, in the person of Lt. Gen. Tukur Buratai, he stated that the Nigerian Army and the Nigerian Universities Commission have come.to a consensus concerning the approval of the Army University. The chief of army staff also mentioned that the engineers executing the project have commenced work at the proposed site. He offered his gratitude to the Borno state Government for the land space allocated for the University construction. In addition, he made mention that the Nigerian army Bui, Borno state will commence operation in September.

Lt. Buratai disclosed this information shortly after he received the surveyed site masterplan and the Certificate of Occupancy for the University from the Governor of Borno state, in the person of Governor Kashim Shettima on Monday, June 5, in Maiduguri. He informed the public present, and specifically as reported by News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), he said the Army has consulted the National Universities Commission, in order for the approval of the higher institution.

In addition, he shared with the public and the press present that the army engineers had begun the construction work at the proposed site for the University. He later appreciated the generous act of the Borno state Government for the land allocated. He made mention of the funding for the higher institution project being captured in the 2017 budget and he also appreciated the commitment of the federal government to the actualization of this project. Lt. Buratai mention that the institution was designed to be specialized and unique, aimed to several as a center of solutions for particular challenges facing the North East and the Army in general. Governor Shettima then gave his assurance that the Borno state Government will give all the necessary support to see the completion of the project.

It was later recalled that the committee set up to ensure a hitch free upgrading of the Nigerian Army Institute of Technology and Environmental Studies (NAITES) to a university was recently inaugurated, the head of the committee is Major General MA Efevbokhan (rtd.)

Nearshore Romania: Considerations for the Masonic Eye

Nearshoring is a rising trend among organisations that would like to cut costs, but do not want to navigate through the language, time zone, and cultural differences that are obtainable with offshoring. A lot of Eastern European nations, including nearshore Romania, represent an awesome alternative as far as experience and technical skills is concerned and they have the added benefit of being lower-priced than the majority of the Western European countries though it’s not as inexpensive as India. But, Romania et al are pretty much closer to the Western nations thereby promoting easier real-time collaboration and quick travel. Moreover, individuals over there speak fluent English and share a European culture that is popular.

There are other benefits associated with selecting a Romanian nearshore software development establishment. The following are the seven most important ones:

  1. Geographic position

The distance that separates Romania from Western Europe is quite small – just a flight of two and a half hours is required from London and even less than that from Eindhoven. However, the biggest benefit lies with the small difference that’s obtainable in time zones. The majority of the Western and Central and Western European nations are at an hour distance when it comes to time zones. Portugal, Iceland and the UK are the only nations separated by a 2-hour difference and it’s manageable.

  1. Excellent language skills

Romanians possess great language skills. Three-quarter of the individuals under 40 living in Bucharest fluently speak English as their second language, however, the statistic could easily stretch to all Romania’s urban areas. But what’s more important is that those who speak it, speak it well, without any accent that could prevent comprehension.

  1. Great talent pool

The experience and IT skills level found in Romanian software organisations matches that which is obtainable with the West. As all former communist bloc nations, nearshore Romania previously had and continues to possess an educational system with a focus on exact sciences and engineering. Therefore, when nearshoring to Romania, Western nations are certain that their projects would be done with the highest level of professionalism Irrespective of how complex they are.

Exploring the Community of Masons: Best Roach Poison

Thankfully nature has given birth to a chemical that roaches cannot build any resistant to. Boric acid can best be described as a naturally occurring product that could be produced from borax in large quantities. Boric acid is highly effective and efficient as the best roach poison in eliminating little insects like cockroaches. Therefore the game plan to get rid of the roaches that are invading your house is a three-way process. The first is to have the house cleaned. Ensure that there is no food particle left for cockroaches to feast on meaning there should be no dirty dishes in the sink. Secondly, roaches cannot survive without water, therefore, make sure there is no standing water anywhere. Ensure that all the pipes are insulated and also have no leaks. Lastly, use boric acid powder.

You can utilise boric acid by laying down a small layer of it that is slightly perceptible to the human eye. In a bid to achieve this you can get a made bellows to make it easy or use the bottle that the boric acid powder came in.

Cockroaches always like to be within small distance to their food, therefore, their habitat is normally seen within 5 feet of any source of nutrition and water. If you have seen some around a particular area there is definitely a harborage that they make use of nearby. Roaches do meet and they do leave clues for other cockroaches on where they can find food. You have a severe infestation on your hands if you start to see cockroaches in the day and you have not treated yet.

Locations to begin treatment with the best roach poison are crevices and cracks where the wall and cupboards meet. Those should be sealed with caulk or silicon. They could be utilising the space in the wall in the event that you have pipes that pass through the wall. You can fill those spaces via expandable canned foam. Check underneath and behind the refrigerator. Place powder behind permanently installed appliances like your trash compactors and dishwasher.

CSGO Accounts for Sale: A Symbol for Masons

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, the well-known first-person shooter from Valve, has constantly hugged the news headlines a lot of late—and in a bad way. After a report this past spring as regards Global Offensive users basically offering CSGO accounts for sale and making use of the game to gamble, a scandal was brought to the fore in which some popular Counter-Strike YouTube personalities were revealed as the custodians of a Global Offensive betting site that was promoted in their videos.

How did it all come down to this? How did a video game turn to a pathway to gambling for its users, a lot of whom confirmed that they were under the stipulated gambling age in the U.S.? The response depends on “skins” in Global Offensive, but no, the term does not have any link with the saying: “having skin in the game.” Let us shed more light.


Generally, a “skin” in a video game can best be described as an alternate outfit of some type, whether for an item or a character. In the specific context of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, a skin — referred to as a “finish” as well — is a special visual design for a weapon, whether it is a knife or a firearm.



A skin in Global Offensive is only a cosmetic object, meaning that it won’t affect the firepower of a weapon but will only affect its look. For example, the P90 submachine gun acts exactly in the same manner as it is obtainable in the game irrespective of whether it is in the Sand Spray or Leather skins.



Global Offensive provides a lot of skins on their CSGO accounts for sale ranging from the absurd to the realistic. A lot of them are finishes that could offer a tactical edge. There are a lot of outlandish skins, such as Akihabara Accept, which is basically an assault rifle that has an anime magazine cover that is imprinted on its side.

Breezeboardpro: Taking a Ride into Freemasonry

In this improved technological era where our living expenses on a daily basis are always on the increase, some of the newest technology based devices could assist us in reducing those costs. Mini Swegway electric scooters, like the breezeboardpro, are an awesome example of the previously mentioned technology. Self-balancing two wheel scooters function through a rechargeable battery and could be employed in travelling wherever you like, such as riding to the gym, a cruise on a boardwalk, getting to and from work, or just going shopping. There are a lot of benefits associated with the use of self-balancing hoverboards and we would be examining only some of them for the sake of this article:



As previously mentioned above, these mini scooters function with the help of a rechargeable battery and do not use any oil to operate. These transportation mechanisms are eco-friendly in two ways. The first is that they prevent the atmosphere from being polluted further since they don’t emit any poisonous greenhouse gases. Secondly, everyone is in the know that there is a very fast depletion of nonrenewable sources such as petroleum in this era. In such situations, the use of a smart mechanism that doesn’t consume these special resources is advantageous for both the environment and human beings.



Although these smart mechanisms have a lot of benefits, they are still not costly. They are cheaper than any other vehicle such as a quality bicycle, car, or a motorcycle. Purchasing these inexpensive Swegways doesn’t need a particular arrangement for cash as the amount is not on the high side. These smart scooters can be affordable for everybody since they are inexpensive.


No maintenance cost

As inexpensive Swegways don’t emit harmful gases that cause pollution, there is absolutely no need to have them examined for emissions. Hands-free segways, such as the breezeboardpro, are designed with some moving parts, aside from the wheels. The improved engineered design and solid construction mean self-balancing electric is durable and not susceptible to breakage. These mechanisms can be parked anywhere since they are handy.

Best RC Boats Review: Analyzing the Influence of the Masonic Star on Boat Races

While you’re on the search the best RC boats review it is an awesome idea to carry out some research at first. Costs on the web could differ in a broad way, therefore it’s an awesome idea to examine costs over a lot of websites. Once you’re doing this ensure that you factor in shipping costs. You would see merchandise reviews of each style and type so as to give you a better idea of what you will get into. You have to examine as well to determine what is attached to the purchase of the RC watercraft and try to get a bundle deal of some sort if that’s available. You may realise that it’s a lot cheaper than buying every component separately.

Some people are of the notion that the best radio controlled boats are submarines. Submarines could be bought in a lot of sizes, from little ones which are said to be ideal for modest bodies of water such as aquariums as well as swimming pools, others are gigantic enough to accommodate a camera and dive to surprising depths. It’s really dependent on individuals and what their interests are.

Whenever you’re on the search for an awesome radio controlled motorboat, you might see a neighborhood toy dealer or hobby store and check with them for some tips. Everyone plans to naturally have their own thoughts as regards what the best RC boat brand name is. Therefore what you have to do is go through the best RC boats review, listen carefully, weigh the pros and cons as well and arrive at the one that best fits what you truly want. The friendly sales individuals could give some recommendations to novices as well and will hopefully provide more detailed info on a specific version or type. If you’re new to this exciting hobby, you might want to consider beginning with an easy model to try it out. Through this, it’s possible to decipher if it’s something you are really keen on investing in, devoid of having to wastefully spend a lot of money.

Best Electric Smokers: Exploring How Masons Prepare Smoked Food

Owing to a number of manufacturers recently, people tend to notice a large number of smokers available in the market. One of the frequently asked questions is – which smoker in the market will provide you the best Smokey flavored food? It is essential for you to be aware of what type of smoker it is that suit your needs, a poll was taken recently for the best electric smokers, one thing that was observed was the best electric smokers gave the greatest flavor with little hassle and they were the finest there is in the market. With the best smokers, you can smoke from meat to making your customized jerky.

The electric smoker is the ideal choice for anyone that fancies smoky flavored food in large quantity or for anyone that tend to entertain guest more often. The electric smokers can offer you a large amount of flavored food in a very short period without all hassles of spending time in the kitchen. Most of the electric smokers have more than one grill, making it easy for more than one kind of meat or a large mass of a kind to be smoked.

The Electric Smoker Reviews

Most individuals that purchased the electric smoker, so far have been happy with their purchase. It seems to be the perfect choice to homemade meals without having to take days off your workplace to prepare meals. The operation of the smoker is as easy as placing your fish or meat in the smoker and allowing it to work its wonders.

Electric smokers do not leave any mess in your kitchen space, even when you are cooking for a large number of people. The electric smoker is an excellent choice, owing to the fact that despite the little effort you still get an excellently flavored food. It is advised that you find the best electric smokers either on the internet or in a retail store, but ensure that it is offered at an affordable price friendly enough for your budget.

In addition, most of the complaints with this facility result from users not understanding the contents of the instruction. It is essential that you follow the instructions carefully, in order to enjoy this facility. It is important that you purchase a smoker with a warranty and with positive feedbacks from the users.

A Look at the Different Degrees in Freemasonry: Best Police Scanner

With all the avenues to monitor present events in your area in the connected society of this age, few methods perform better than what’s obtainable with a police scanner when it comes to instant information. There is a good possibility that majority of these events would never come to the fore or be the leading story when it’s time for the evening news, however, the best police scanner could assist you in staying updated on the newest happenings. In addition to that, the first-hand knowledge of road conditions and the present weather and there are a lot of advantages associated with possessing this still viable technology piece. Before you get one, you may want to be certain that the location you plan on making use of the police scanner does not have encrypted radios (or else you could be serenaded with some silence).

Uniden BC75XLT

Featuring the capability to link to military aircraft, racing scanner channels, and public safety, Uniden’s BC75XLT is an awesome choice for fans of the analog scanner. The built-in search feature is unrivalled and swiftly locates channels for air, fire, police, weather, marine, and more, thus making the BC125AT a very much handy analog scanner. The ability to store up to 300 channels into the memory of the scanner or 30 channels overall in 10 different banks promotes easy scanning for present transmissions on each saved channel.


Whistler TRX-1

Feature an easy zip code programming that has pre-loaded Canada and USA options, Whistler’s TRX-1 is setting the pace on how the best police scanner should function. With a dedicated weather and SKYWARN button, and the capability to listen to the duo of Digital Phase I as well as Phase II channels, this scanner is rich in features and rearing to go. The completely backlit alphanumeric keyboard is made up of easy-to-use options like pause, scan, pause, and complete navigational controls.

The TRX-1 would pick up all FM, digital and AM frequencies, and capture analog signals as well in a bid to cover the complete spread of unencrypted communications with which police stay in touch.

Buy a million views on YouTube to Create Awareness about Freemasonry

Posting your first ever video on YouTube could be very exciting and that joy could quickly be replaced with sadness especially when you find out your video has a very little number of views. Getting noticed is quite easy especially with YouTube, but you will need to get a lot of views to get properly noticed, and a nice way of getting well noticed is to buy a million views on YouTube. And with the thousands of videos that are being uploaded to YouTube every day, you will really need to start working on it quickly.

You always begin by making a video with a very high quality. It could be a video that contains a lot of relevant and important information, or it could be funny, or an unlikely situation that could never happen. Whatever it is, it should be interesting and captivating to the audience

Having a high-quality video isn’t everything, you will also need to have a fascinating description; not forgetting the target keywords for an easier access during a search. This is also the same for choosing titles, it has to be interesting to make them want to view your post.

You also need to put one thing in consideration, YouTube is just one of the various social media platforms. There are several social media out there that you could use to generate more views. Facebook is also one of the most widely used social media networks available.

To generate views, you can easily post links of your videos on your profile, or on the profile of your friends, or even strangers who you have never met. You could message it to them or make a note. There are a many ways to get YouTube views – from your own account on Facebook.

Whatever makes you post videos on YouTube, besides having to buy a million views on YouTube, you need to know the other ways to get YouTube views to you can successfully gain views and subscribers.

Bed Bugs Toronto: Dealing With Pests around the Masonic Altar

Clearly, we all want to eradicate all the little bugs who want to feed on us as their late night meal while we sleep. However, before we can easily get rid of them, we need to look up to bed bugs Toronto for appropriate answers. Bed bugs can be seen by the naked eye and of you take a quick scan of your mattress it can put you at ease. Bed bugs do not enjoy daylight, there is a high chance you’ll be inspecting your mattress during the day or anytime there is light. When you check your mattress, you would want to look in all the creases and folds of the mattress, the places where the bugs may want to hide in where is light.

If have any sort of holes or tears in the mattress, it is advisable that you get rid of it. This is because the bed bugs are usually infested deep inside your mattress and areas where they are usually difficult to treat. However, if your mattress is still in a proper state and still has no tears or holes, there’s no reason you shouldn’t continue to use it.

Now that you have gotten rid of any and all bed bugs, here are some ways to prevent further bed bug infestation. First, when lodged in a hotel, do not place luggage on the floor close to the headboard or bed. Secondly, be sure to check used furniture before you buy and place in your home because bed bugs Toronto will try to delay a free ride back to your house due to your great bargain. Also, inspect any apartment or home prior to moving in. If bedbugs have already infested your room, it’s a matter of time before your bed will be infested. In conclusion, be conscious of visitors staying over as they may have brought some unwanted guests along. This includes college students on break and those lovely relatives who pay you a visit.


Secret Societies and Addictions: Cost Considerations for choosing the Best rehab centers in US

If you are in need of treatment or know someone who does, then it is important that you settle for the best treatment available. You can get helpful information on the costs below as this will enable you to search for the best rehab centers in US.

What are the costs of these services?

There are several factors when considering the costs for rehab center services.Some of them include; location, facilities and the programs available.

There are high-end rehab centers that give excellent care in facilities like the top of the line resorts at a heavy cost. These luxury rehab centers emphasize on the privacy of their clients as most of the clients that frequent the facilities to seek for recovery may behigh profile people in society. These rehab centers offer additional services including drug rehabilitation therapy and employ the services of personal trainers,nutritionists, massage therapists, and nannies. The cost of accommodation at these high-end rehab centers usually range from $20,000 – $80,000 a month.

But for the vast majority of people, astandard rehabilitation center is usually preferred as these facilities focus on services essentially centered on medication restoration but still offer acceptable living conditions.Some of these services may not be of the highest quality but still consist of extra facilities for your comfort like a swimming pool or a gym.There is a little distinction in the nature of treatments between the luxury rehab centers and standard rehab centers, so if you find the services of the standard rehab centers satisfactory, then it is can be a better alternative.The cost of accommodation typically cost from $10,000 – $20,000 a month at these standard rehab centers.

But, if you cannot afford the services of these rehab centers due to your limited resources, then you still have other options available. You can contact your local services or health department to check whether offer free treatment or more affordable rehabilitation program. These services are normally funded by foundations, church groups or other non-profit organizations. Although these programs are less expensive than the other options, they tend to offer the best treatments available are generally motivated to cure their patients.

Rigorous Selection Process: Awesome Stuff You Can Get For Under $50

If you had $50 to spend on anything, what would you get? You would definitely decide not to spend it on something worthless if it was a present from someone dear to you, so here are my top picks of awesome stuff you can purchase under $50.

Bluetooth Headsets

These Bluetooth headsets are designed to give you excellent sound quality and offer incredible noise-cancelling features. They are lightweight, trendy to use and also come equipped with several controls and a microphone but its greatest feature is its excellent comfort!

Wine Bottle Holder

With this cool device, you can serve your favorite wine so much better. Its smooth design is absolutely hypnotizing! And you don’t need to stress over breakage due to its sturdy aluminum holder and counterweight bottle design. It can be used on most standard bottles and it’s such an exceptional and cool device.

Chuck Taylor Shoes

These are one of the oldest, most popular shoes of all time. They have a simple design with canvas material and rubber soles. These fashionable shoes can be worn at all sorts of events and a favorite shoe for people of every age all around the world. They are also incredibly comfortable.

Smartphone Mount/Stand

This smartphone stand will be your new most loved item as you can position your smartphone in so many ways and each position holds your device at the perfect angle for easy viewing. It can be mounted onto your air vent and can be rotated to your preferred position as you securely drive and use maps, music or even receive a no-hands call. You can also use this cool device with any credit or membership card to make it an ideal stand on any flat surface.

Folding Book Light

This incredible tool makes this list of awesome stuff for being such a clever idea as it’s such a stylish tool to have, the wooden folding book light can be opened to cast a nice and clear light to create a 360-degree lamp which is just perfect for night-time reading or camping. It is also environmentally friendly and rechargeable.

Capturing The Community Photos: Reasons a Large Digital Picture Frame is better

There are digital frames that come in a wide range of shapes and sizes; small or large.Unless you have a particular reason for choosing a small digital frame, then it would benefit you more if you decide to choose a large digital picture frame due to the following reasons.

Bigger is WAY Bigger!

Large picture frames are measured corner to corner like TVs and PC screens.To do this, take a square shaped piece of paper, if you have one that is twice as long and you measure from corner to corner,what is your surface area presently? Assuming it has a square shape, then you have really quadrupled your surface area, instead of just multiplying it.The same rule applies to digital picture frames. The larger it is, the more screen space you get. For example, a 15” screen is actually more than double the size of a 7.5” screen.

Bigger is Better!

Most people purchase digital picture frames because they want it to be visible, so why not get a larger digital frame instead? A large digital frame can hardly be missed as it can be seen effectively from over a room much easier than smaller digital frames. For the sake of visibility, larger digital frames definitely have a greater advantage over smaller ones.

Easier to See!

As people grow older, their visual perception actually has a tendency to get weaker. Large digital frames can be seen by these people with poor vision. Digital frames are a wonderful present for grandparents, since they can simply get more photos of their grandchildren, so if you are planning on getting a digital frame as a present, you need to purchase a large one to ensure that it can be seen easily instead of getting a small frame where they would need to stand and squint every time just to see a picture.

Masons and Secret Organizations: Ideal Tips for Getting Used Car Parts

Normal wear and tear can be expected as you continue to use your vehicles.However, damages exceeding wear and tear to your vehicle may occur if you do not replace or repair the damaged parts quickly. These damages may cause some unforeseen incidents if they go on unnoticed. It is also important for car owners to locate auto stores that offer genuine car parts for their vehicles to ensure they remain in top condition. If you have no access to original car parts for the vehicle, then you can also use old car parts.

It is best to consider these tips to help in your search for car parts that can improve your vehicles.

Check the condition: Checking the state of the car parts you desire is very important as there are cases where the used auto parts you have chosen, actually have some defects that you may not have noticed because you were not careful in your search. To avoid difficulties in your search, it is very important to check the auto parts you need properly.

Be specific: To make certain you get the best car parts for vehicles, you need to be very specific about your needs. There are several distinctions from the bumper of a vehicle, motor parts for the SUV, or even the windows and doors for their pickup trucks. These details are very important and should be specified. Knowing the year and brand of your vehicles will also make your inquiry less demanding.

Work with dependable dealers: It is extremely necessary to choose reliable car dealers to avoid wasting funds on vendors who can’t give you the specific parts you require. You should also check whether they have qualified workers who can deliver their services effectively without damaging your car parts.

By applying these simple tips, car owners can be sure of the location of the perfect used car parts that can help them improve their vehicles without any problems.

iPhone battery replacement – Purchasing a new iPhone Battery under a Spell

You will require an iPhone battery replacement at some point irrespective of the model you bought when you get an iPhone. A new iPhone battery is the way to go due to the fact that a battery lifespan won’t last forever. You could possibly get a slightly used iPhone battery or even find refurbished iPhone batteries however getting the iPhone battery is widely regarded as most effective all round investment due to the fact that by buying that fresh iPhone battery you will be able to get an awesome long lasting one that has been thoroughly tested by the seller so that it could meet some particular specifications.

One thing you should carry out whenever you are getting a replacement for an iPhone battery is to at least buy a fresh battery that is the same or better than the initial battery that the iPhone came with. And it is only the truth that batteries eventually wear out and have to be replaced at some point in time.

Where or when you got your battery replaced does not really matter a lot due to the fact that an iPhone battery replacement is one of the least costly items that requires repair in an iPhone. But perhaps you could be thinking it is the battery and it could turn out to be something difference entirely that is prompting you to think that the fault lies solely with the battery. You might be going through low usage times without any staying power whatsoever.

But if you possess an iPhone that has its back heated up and the power is going down fast when you use it the issue might not be the battery but something more severe. A normal battery life is dependent on how much usage that is gotten by the unit and what type of usage is involved as well. Texting normally makes use of small battery power whereas gaming or the use of third-party sites needs a lot of battery, therefore, the battery gets drained a lot faster.